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Unit 1 Gym, Kempson Way, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP32 7AR.

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Unit 1 Interclubs

Unit 1 Gym runs 3 Muay Thai interclubs per year. These events are designed for novice fighters to get their first few experiences in the ring, getting used to the nerves associated with having an unknown opponent, a referee and an audience. All bouts on our interclubs are non decision and everyone gets a medal. We welcome fighters of any age and from any gym, just so long as you have a good sportsman like attitude and understand the nature of an interclub. Our interclubs are Muay Thai rules only, no K1, boxing or MMA.

Our experienced team ensure the event runs smoothly without any delays.


Juniors under 16yrs

Bouts consist of 3x 1 minute rounds with 30 second breaks

Strictly no head contact (14/15yr olds head contact by agreement in advance - adult rules then apply)

All Muay Thai techniques allowed to body and legs

Fighters wear 8oz gloves (provided), foam shin guards (provided), body shield (provided), gum shield and groin guard. All fighters must wear our equipment, this saves our referees having to individually check everybody’s equipment and ensures colours match your corner for a professional image.

Contact level starts low and builds to a level BOTH fighters are comfortable with

Adults 16yrs+

Bouts consist of 3x 1.5 minute rounds with 45 second breaks

No knees or elbows to the head permitted. No spinning techniques permitted

Contact level starts low and builds to a level BOTH fighters are comfortable with. ALL head shots should be light and controlled. There is no point in risking knockouts and concussions in a non decision interclub.

Excessive contact will result in a warning. After three warnings the bout will be stopped in the interests of safety.

Fighters wear 16oz gloves (provided), foam shin guards (provided), groin guard and gum shield. All fighters must wear our equipment, this saves our referees having to individually check everybody’s equipment and ensures colours match your corner for a professional image.


Registration and weigh in opens at 9am.

All under 16s must register and weigh in before 10:00am.

Adults 16yrs+ can weigh in anytime before 12:00pm

Please DO NOT BE LATE. It is impossible to finalise the fight list until all fighters are here and have weighed in.

Fights will start at 11:00am SHARP

Medical Safety

On arrival you will be asked to fill in a registration form that includes medical questions. Please answer all questions honestly. We have a paramedic in attendance all day who will be given your information and speak to you if he has any concerns. He will never stop you fighting unless absolutely necessary. Please speak to our paramedic if there is ANYTHING he should be aware of in case of an emergency.

Getting ready

Warm up area is downstairs in the gym. Only fighters and coaches are permitted in this area. Spectators must stay in the reception and viewing areas. Please keep an eye on the fight list. You may collect your equipment and wait by the ring as soon as the fight before yours starts. We only have 2 sets of equipment on rotation so you CANNOT get your kit early. All kit must be returned IMMEDIATELY after your bout. Kit must not be taken downstairs.


Children must be supervised at all times. Please keep a close eye on young children. If you can’t find your child please report to reception so an announcement can be made.

We advise ALL junior competitors are accompanied by a parent of guardian. Coaches bringing children not accompanied by a parent will have FULL responsibility for the child whilst on Unit 1 Gym premises and must ensure they are supervised at all times. Please take special care to make sure children are not playing in the warm up areas, reception or on the stairs.

Fight Order

All under 16s fighting without head contact will fight first. Depending on the number of junior entries, we typically finish juniors between 13:00 and 14:00.

Adults start immediately after, we aim to finish by 18:00, but can continue a little longer if we have a large number of competitors.

Fight order lists will be put up on the walls around the gym AS SOON AS THEY ARE AVAILABLE. Please do not hassle our staff for the order, you will only slow down the process. There is a large screen in the warm up area showing what fight is currently on and the next 4 fights.

If you genuinely need to arrive late or leave early then please let us know in advance and we will try our best to accommodate. We will not take requests to be moved on the day. Someone has to be first and someone has to be last. Please plan to be here the whole day, relax, enjoy the fights and wait your turn.


Fighters £10, spectators £7. We do not charge for small children to watch.

Pull Outs

Coaches, please try your best to advise pull outs as early as possible, even a couple of hours notice is better than finding out when you arrive. For anyone who’s opponent pulls out on the day we will try our very best to find you a replacement. Sometimes this results in a less ideal match up, therefore additional control is expected. Please make the most of the experience, it is out of our hands if your opponent fails to turn up.


We sell hot and cold drinks, sandwiches and snacks at reception downstairs. There is also a cafe, pub and Tesco express within 10 minutes walk of the gym. Ask staff for directions.


We film the whole event and you can buy your fight on a disc for £5. Place your order at reception before you leave. You are welcome to film/photograph your own fights, those please seek permission from the other party if the fight involves juniors.