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How do I get started? Everyone completes an inductions before joining our general training class. You can take an induction during any general class, just let us know your coming! We also offer a more comprehensive 4 week group induction starting once a month. Teens & Juniors can come to any of our Teens or kids classes or take private lessons.

I’m really unfit, can I still join? Absolutely! We cater for people of all fitness levels! Just try your best, but take things at your own pace, your fitness will soon sky rocket!

At what age can children start? We will teach children of any age on a 1 to 1 basis. For group sessions we generally say 6 or 7 years, but it depends on the child, if they can concentrate in a group environment then we will take them from 5 years.

At what age do teenagers move to the adult sessions? Teens switch to adult classes from their 16th birthday, or sometimes earlier for advanced students.

What equipment do I need? You do not need any equipment to get started, everything is available to borrow. Eventually it is nice to own your own gloves, shin guards, a groin guard and gum shield. You can purchase your equipment online or order at reception. We also offer club shorts, pick up an order form at reception.

Do I have to spar? No, free sparring is always optional. Just Let your instructor know if you’d rather opt out.

Can I compete? Yes, but you must train regularly if you wish to prepare for competition. We also recommend some private lessons in addition to group classes to best prepare you for competing in Muay Thai. Everyone starts out in Non-decision interclub bouts before progressing on to amateur or N class bouts.

Can I pay as I train? Yes, we have day passes available or 1-month unlimited training passes. It is a little more expensive, as we offer a cheaper rate to those who are willing to commit for a longer period.

Am I too old? Never! As long as your young at heart you welcome to train in Muay Thai at Unit 1 Gym! Our oldest active fighter is 53 years old! We have people older than that training for fun and fitness. Even if you too old to compete, you can always get involved in the sport helping others, coaching, cornering or even by training as a judge or referee!

Do you have parking? Yes, there is a free car park right outside the gym.

Question not answered? Please contact us and we’ll be happy to help!